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A dental bridge is a permanent restoration that will allow you to eat and speak comfortably, and smile with confidence. Once placed, a dental bridge cannot be removed. Dr. Rooke will recommend the best type of bridge for your aesthetic and functional goals.


Prior to receiving your dental bridge, Dr. Rooke with closely examine your mouth and recommend the best type of dental bridge. Dental bridges can be fabricated using a combination of porcelain and metal, porcelain and gold, or other durable, metal-free materials.

If you are missing teeth and want to restore function and appearance of your smile, Dr Rooke offers several different types of dental bridges and will work closely with you and the dental lab to fabricate the best restoration for your mouth. A bridge or dental implants are necessary for individuals who are missing teeth, as missing teeth can cause a slew of oral health problems and lead to shifting of the teeth, change in bite, speech impediments, gum disease, and even TMJ problems.

Dental Bridge – Philomath Dentist
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